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Travel Industry Testimonials About NYCVP

Whether you are looking for superior NYC travel planning service, value for the dollar, or an overall fantastic NYC vacation experience, our travel agent partners can tell you that you've come to the right place. Read some travel agent and travel industry testimonials about NYCVP.

NOTE from NYCVP: Yes, we do pay commission to travel agents on all packages and options!
Read "New York City Vacation Packages - The Travel Agents Friend" from Rich Gladstone, Applause Theater Service
"Beth, Wanted to share with you that my client had an amazing pre-cruise vacation and gave excellent feedback. Thank you so much for your assistance with the planning. I’d love to request you personally in the future for any other NYC trips I might plan. Is that possible?
Please let your supervision know how please I am and the guest was with your services. Thanks! You made us both look great.
Have a magical day!"
Jeannette, The Magic For Less Travel

"April, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful our trip to New York was through the independent fam. It was my sister's first time and she will never ever forget it, as she went as my companion. The hotel was in a "perfect" location and they were very accommodating. Our room was very nice! ... What a wonderful city!! The people we met along the way were all warm and friendly. Loved Times Square and all the other sights we saw....definitely want to come back and bring others.
I want to thank you for all your patience and help and for the wonderful independent fam package that is offered through your company. It was really fantastic!!
P.S.  You were always so nice and helpful on the phone!! Thank you."
Lois, Cruise & Vacation Center

"Hi Beth
Just wanted to let you know that my clients has a great time. They really enjoyed the fact that their activities were arranged ahead of time. Instead of wasting time waiting in line or trying to decide what to do each day, they could just get on with having fun and exploring the city. I will def use your company again for any of my NYC clients.
Here’s a note I received from them:
We had a fabulous time!! We are still laughing about our adventure! We were so happy we planned and booked ahead of time it gave us the opportunity to plan our day around events and where we would go! We walked so much ate lots and laughed non stop!! Thank you again from both Denise and I for all the work you put into planning our trip!"

Brenda, Sunrise Travel Services ULC

"Hi April, I just wanted to share with you the feedback from my clients:
The trip was perfect! We checked everything off my list of things to do except one. According to mom and Shelly, having you book everything was the biggest relief. There were no worries. Having you to double check and plan the pick ups and times were priceless to them. It was something else to step off a plane and have someone waiting for you with your name on a card! The hotel was very clean and the rooms were very spacious. You could tell the hotel was for higher class people. Not in a bad way, but seeing all the rich people was something else. One man we talked to said it was the only hotel he’ll stay at when he comes to New York because it’s just the best. And THE PLAY!!!! Hard to describe front row seating and not having to wait in line for our tickets. The only thing better would have probably been if you could have came with yourself ;) The water taxi tour was great. Last time I went to New York we took the free ferry to the statue of liberty and it took about three hours waiting for the ferry, loading, getting to the island, and going back so the taxi tour was a LOT better because we didn’t have to wait in line as long and there was a tour guide and we still got a really great view of the statue and a history lesson on other parts of the city. I would definitely recommend doing the tour instead of the free ferry unless people wanted to go into the statue. Thank you for everything!"
Jeanie, Memories Forever Travel

"Jim, we loved our trip!
Le Parker Meridian was a dream
Natural History Museum, loved it.
Fashion clothing in Moma was a thrill.
Thank you ever so much!!!!
I also found the Edison. Took pictures. Loved it. I want to book that one for my next stay!
Again, thank you very much!"


"Hello Jennifer,
I wanted to send a "Thank You" for my fam I did in NYC. We had a WONDERFUL time. I look forward to sending more clients your way.Thank you."

Sherry, Owner - World Travel Jacksonville

"Hi Jim! I just wanted to thank you and your company for the amazing FAM experience. I have been to NYC for many day trips in my life, but never got to do the whole tourist experience. I learned so much in the 3 days I was there and loved all of the tours and excursions sponsored by your company.  It was great to have a first hand look at the excursions/activities offered. I am very excited to sell your product to my clients.
Thanks again for the opportunity!"
Jamie, CTA, Wanderlust Travel Boutique

"I have been booking clients with NYCVP since 2003 when I first started working for  AAA Mid-Atlantic in Columbia Maryland.
I just wanted to pass on that it would be awesome if you could get with AAA Auto Club Group Southern Region to discuss becoming a preferred partner. I am the only agent in this office and out of many offices that uses NYCVP to book New York, which is a shame because you have awesome product.
Thank you for your interested in how my client Nancy heard about your company. I have been booking Nancy for various international tours for several years. Nancy wanted to revisit NYC since she has not been there in years and I suggested NYCVP for the value and product base, and the fact that I am able to add so many elements in to a nice neat package. I ended up calling the office and having Jim assist with the reservations when I couldn’t remember the name of one of the properties I wanted to suggest to Nancy. Jim was quite awesome as always. I have never had a bad experience booking with NYCVP! Your res agents are professional and knowledgeable and courteous.
Thanks for helping make Nancy's 71st birthday special and memorable!"
Suzanne, AAA Travel, Daytona Beach, FL

 "Just wanted to let you know that Freya stopped in this morning and had nothing BUT GREAT things to say about her trip to NYC!! They even moved her to row 9 for Hamilton ... Thanks so much for your help!!"
DA, Travel Agent

"Hello William, We wanted to reach out and express our appreciation to you as our BDM for all of the help and NYCVP has given us. We had a group set up for a 5 Night Broadway experience from September 8 through September 15, 2016. At the start of our group, we had a great deal of interest, however, as time went on the interest died out and, sadly, we ended up cancelling the group.
Bryan and I had already purchased our airfare and decided to price out an FIT for the same dates. The awesome folks in the groups department worked with Beth (any relation to you by the way?) and set us up with our FIT and moved the Group deposit we applied over to our FIT. Since our FIT booking, we’ve added two more friends who decided to travel with us as well.
Long story short, Bryan and I wanted to reach out to you as well and express our sincerest appreciation to all that NYCVP has done for us, their patience and flexibility as we worked through this adventure. NYCVP has definitely earned our trust and appreciation and we will continue to use you as a preferred supplier for any of our clients/future clients that wish to experience New York City.
Many thanks to an awesome company!! We can’t wait to experience New York City!!"
Greg Reese, Picture Rocks Travel

“I used NYCVP last year for a Christmas trip for a group. You guys are awesome to work with! Even when we were in the city, I was able to book additional excursions for my clients!"
Denise Glenn

"Want to say how much I have enjoyed working with NYCVP over the last two years! They're great, and I look forward to my personal trip with my oldest daughter in June!"
Tracy Cochran

"Thanks. I'm a travel agent and just had some very satisfied clients. I booked them through NYCVP and they loved everything."
Pete Larson

 "We cannot say enough about NYCVP. You and your team are one of the most helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and agent-friendly tour operators we deal with. In this day and age of limited (or unheard of) of customer service, it is so refreshing to work with a vendor who really cares about us and our mutual clients.....and goes the extra mile to make things right. Here’s to many, many more years of doing business together!"
Cindy Crowley Goss, MCC, International Tours and Cruises

"Good Morning! Our time in New York over the weekend was great and seeing the city put things into a more perspective outlook for me, learning the surroundings and seeing which hotels were where and other small things. Thank you guys for offering the experience.
Also not sure who this should go to but, our tour guide Kernan Bell for the WTC Memorial Tour was amazing, very informative and I learned a lot. I just wanted to give props to him on a great job well done.
Thank you,"
Missy, Gulliver’s Cruises and Tours, Fort Worth, TX

"Hey Bethany!
I appreciate how well you take care of my folks, and will always use NYCVP whenever someone is coming up north."
JY, Passport Travel & the Bling Gals

"April: Just got back from NYC where my husband and I had booked 2 nts. (Fri. & Sat.) at Le Parker Meridien and had vouchers for tours...we had a terrific time. The Meridien is great....fabulous location for things we wanted to do. Nice large lobby (lots of mirrors and marble!), good staff, rooms are rather small but lovely, wonderful bathroom amenities and plenty of taxis waiting to take you places. The $15 glasses of beer were a bit outrageous but guess that's what you have to expect.  The Nave bar is really cool. Did not eat a meal very expensive.
Took subway down to South Street Seaport and took the 1 hour Circle Line on the Zephyr around southern Manhattan. Really a cool thing to do. The "tour guide" was wonderful....really knew his stuff and was very informative. Used the other voucher for the Metropolitan Museum of Art which we love. Also had a wonderful lunch at Ben's Deli. We ended up purchasing theatre tickets at the box office for "An Act of God" for $99 each and then the other night got tickets a box office for "Aladdin". It's one of the best shows I've ever seen! And I have performed in many
musicals (got my degree in Musical theatre from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music) and have seen many, many musicals and this one has got it all. The Genie (who is still the original, thank goodness) is superhuman....the voice, the dancing, the personality. The audience just ate him up. I was so excited and impressed I almost cried at curtain call! So, I hope I can recommend NYC Vacation Packages to more clients now, having experienced it myself. Thank you for all of your assistance."
Carolann, CTC, MCC, Victoria Travel
Cincinnati, OH

"Hi Bethany! 
Thanks for touching base with me. Back in March I received an email from I liked the packages that were offered and saved the email. When my client said she was thinking about a New York trip for her family, I thought about the email, found it and was able to give her a quote. It was great. She had no idea what she wanted to do or what dates. With your site, I was able to give her an idea of what her trip could be like. She was very pleased with the information and so was I. 
I welcome your offer to contact you about questions that may come up.
Thanks again,"

Dear Joel, Barry and Bethany,
Thank you...thank you and thank you again! This was most enjoyable, educational and downright busy and fun! Barry and Bethany you did such a great job with our group and in such a relaxed manner in bustling NY. My husband (Frank) and I enjoyed going to “Motown” immensely that first night and everything you planned for us in the days that followed. Great eye opener!

Joel, we missed you and look forward to seeing you sometime soon again, I hope.  We are also very fond of Barry and Bethany and hope we can also meet again. Are your ears ringing....I’ve been bragging about NYCVP to all the agents, clients and friends.

NYCVP has certainly proved to be the only source I would look to for NYC-bound groups and FIT clients. Your expertise in handling NY vacations was very well demonstrated. I would not consider using any other travel service for my clients coming to New York. Many thanks, again!
"Rose Greene, President Elegant Travel & Cruise
Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Dear Barry, thank you very much for hosting the NYCVP FAM trip this past weekend. I know it's a lot of work and takes a lot of planning.  Everyone in the group was very impressed with the products & services - and I hope this turns on to a lot of new business for your company.

As a side note, you must have done a great job as a father. I've now had the chance to meet both Bethany and William - and they are first class representations of you and your company.

I look forward to working as a partner with NYCVP for many years to come... I'm happy to endorse NYCVP to all who will listen."
Bob Duglin, 
Vice President, Sales & Industry Relations
NACTA - National Association of Career Travel Agents

"Good Afternoon William & Beth,
Many thanks for a well planned trip to NYC! Loved the Le Parker Meridien and view of Central Park. Using your tours and service provided a different "view" on a city revisited.
Again, thank you for your assistance with all the details!"
Dora, Well Designed Journeys

"Hi William, NEW YORK was sooo much fun!! I am soo happy I was able to attend the FAM.  Le Meridian Parker is a great hotel in a great location. I love the fact of how close it was to Central Park and near Time Square. Time Square was very busy and not sure I would ever stay there. Very cool to see though. I loved the back stage tour to Radio City. That was very neat. Top of the Rock was beautiful at night as was Statue of Liberty.

Ground Zero was very moving. They did a fantastic job with the memorial.  Hal was a fantastic tour guide and would recommend him to all my clients.  Wow, does he know his history. What energy too. Us younger one’s couldn’t keep up with him…lol. Loved him. What a great asset to your company. I love all the extra things he talks about that other tour guides would probably not do.
The shopping tour was great too. We ran into Richard Simmons in SoHo…haha.  Even got a picture with him…lol. We saw John Goodman on 5th Avenue. Austin Mahone stayed at our hotel bc of the VMA’s going on that weekend. Lots of celebs in town. One direction was there as all the girls were out on the lookout for them lol..
We had a lot of the US Open tennis players staying at our hotel. OH, and we finally got to get into the "Burger Joint"… boy are those hamburgers delish. Thanks for the great tip. Lots of great restaurants on every corner.
I love the way we could pick and choose what tours to do daily. That’s such a nice feature unlike other companies where you need to give them the dates ahead of time. We loved Jersey boys too. What a great play!! My cousins loved it too. We ate at Carmine’s. Great restaurant. I will definitely be booking all my clients with your from now on to NY.
Thanks for making this happen. I now have a better understanding of NY and what to do and see. Thanks William for all your help with this."

"Dear Bethany, As a Nexion travel agent for several years, and a leisure agent for nearly 30 years, I'd like to compliment you, and your company on the fantastic service and product you offer us agents.  I've been to New York City as a tourist several times, and my step-daughter and son-in-law work there. So, I have some working background of that city, but no where near the talent of one of your agents!
Not until I discovered your company as one of our preferred suppliers have I been so impressed.  The comprehensive packages you offer our clients is super. Including air and insurance makes it even better - and all commissionable to us.
In addition to your company, I'd like to specifically address the AWESOME service and knowledge of your agent, Jennifer Zambito.  Having discovered your website on 8/2, I worked online becoming familiar w/ your program and working up a tentative quote.  Jennifer, however, took the initiative, and e-mailed me, offering her services as needed.
Between phone calls, and e-mails just since Monday, she put together a fantastic 7-night / 6-musical tour and meal package for my clients!  All work was completed with promptness and utmost courtesy. She even went the extra mile and detected  from one of our conversations that it was my clients' birthday while there, and noted that in the hotel reservation! Her knowledge of the shows, timetables and inclusions was super as well. She's a real asset to NYCVP! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, knowing all would be fulfilled beyond my clients' expectations!
Again -  thank you for offering us travel agents an opportunity to "shine'" before our clients with such exceptional employees and comprehensive packages! I will certainly not hesitate recommending NYCVP and Jennifer to my colleagues and friends.
CS, Nexion, LLC

"Dear William, Thank you for everything. We had a wonderful time in New York City. It was a whirlwind. The hotel was very nice.  Our room had very comfortable beds and great location. The bicycle tour was terrific.  Loved our Garment tour, and food tours. The World Trade Center tour was absolutely wonderful with a great guide.
Everything was absolutely wonderful. I’ve recommended your company to several of my clients. Thank you again for everything. I know have a better knowledge to sell your products.
Kindest regards,"
LH, Senior Cruise Consultant

"Hello Beth, I wanted to send you a quick note on how impressed I have been with my experience working with your company. I am fairly new to the travel business and learning my way around. I had a family who wanted to go to New York for Thanksgiving and one of the agents in our office sent me an email your company had sent us. 
I called and spoke to Dottie and was so impressed with her help and her customer service. I have to say, I was dreading planning this trip as I knew there were so many moving parts and Dottie made it completely seamless and easy.
I look forward to working with NYC Vacation Packages and Dottie more in the future.
Thanks again and a huge thanks to Dottie for being so amazing!"
CL, Sanders Travel Centre

"Hi Beth,
CR loved their trip to New York City!
Hilton -  The Hilton was ‘truly fabulous’ and VIP Sitting could not have been better. The Hilton let Paul sit upstairs to watch from the window with other people with special needs. He cannot walk very far.
Shuttle – took 2 hours each way as they would not go until the van was full – they will definitely take a cab or arrange for a private car next time.
Balloon Staging Tour was so fantastic they missed Dinner at The View! Ha.
Holiday Lights was wonderful and they loved it.
...I THANK YOU for your expert help!
 LH, Jade Travel

"Dear NYCTrip, I just received an email from my client Amber Grzynkowicz in regards to how her New York City trip was this past week. She wanted me to let you know how WONDERFUL Hal was with the Freedom Comprehensive Tour. She and her family were late arriving for the beginning of the tour and missed the first part with Ground Zero 9-11 Memorial. They were able to meet up with the group for the Statue of Liberty and Hal met them the next day for the portion they missed. I believe this is going above and beyond. Thanks,"
EK, The Travel Authority

"Thank you Erin - I appreciate how customer focused you are. Thanks."
J, Travel Leaders

"Thank You so much with your assistance with the below booking. The hotel was great and they treated us like queens. From Debbie at the front desk to Ramon the Operations Manager and his assistant Annie and the Concierge Ben, they all treated us as if we were the only guest in the hotel. I would highly  recommend this property for anyone going to the area. Thanks again"
SH, SH Horizons Tours & Travel

"Hi Bethany! Nice to hear from you. Actually I'm a travel agent and was just playing around in the system for the first time trying to see what it was all about. I am an Ensemble Group agent working with Highlight Travel & Cruises and just discovered your site and I am blown away!!! LOVE IT.  Can't wait to have an opportunity to put something together for some clients! (or myself hehehe). I was talking to another agent here in Ottawa who recommended you and one of your colleagues as being great to work with (her name is Carine Labillois).
I will definitely be booking my next NYC vacations with you, you couldn't make it any easier, its awesome. Great job. I know it is your job to sell NYC, but do you happen to know if Las Vegas happens to have a similar site?! :) lol
Thanks Bethany and I look forward to working with you in the future!"
Highlight Travel and Cruises

"Thanks Bethany!-
Wow. First time I used NYCVP and am very pleased. I have been putting off booking this part of their trip to Europe because frankly, I don't know New York and didn't know who to use or what to book. Then I saw your ad in Travel Weekly and went online. It was fast. It was easy. It was simple and it was everything I needed to do. I do need I guess to call and book a limo for their transportation and will do that soon...Again, I am hooked. Now I need to find more people to send to New York and staying longer than a day!"
MW, CTC, PSI Travel and Cruises

"You are so awesome and always a pleasure to work with you.
Thanks you so very much for your hard work.  I appreciate you so much!!!”
Faye, Martinelli Travel

"This is wonderful! Thanks for everything, you have been amazing as always!"

"Hi Erin and Jim,
This is DeBBie from the AAA in Rochester,NY.. just dropping you a line to let you know that I am Leaving AAA and have taken a position at the University of Rochester.. April 8th will be my last day here. But I didn't want to leave without thanking you both for your Expertise that I greatly depended on while here.. I have been with AAA for 7 years.. but it is definitely time to move... After having served 24 years in the Army.. I guess I just get use to moving on:). Thank you and YOUR COMPANY for all you have done..."
Deb, AAA Rochester

First, I wanted tell you that if you had anything to do with the seats I got for the Lion King... you are totally AWESOME!!!
Overall, I wanted to say that I was greatly pleased with the package. I enjoyed the Edison Hotel and would recommend it to anyone wanting to stay in Manhattan/Times Square. It worked out perfectly for what we needed.
The On Location Tour was great! Our guide, Gary, was entertaining and informational. I recommend that tour to anyone!
The other tour I booked was the Ground Zero & Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island tour. Something that I would recommend with regards to that tour: Make it clear on the brochures/flyers/website that it is a walking tour and use of the subway. It did state it on my vouchers when I got them so I take the responsibility for not having read it when I first got my documents. However, had I realized it was as long as it was I think I would've just opted for the two separate day tours. We were so exhausted by the time we finished Liberty Island that we just went to Ellis Island to take a pic in front of the sign and head back to our hotel room where we crashed for the night at about 7pm :( … Overall the Ground Zero tour is amazing and Georgina was very informative …
Overall, I am happy with your package and will continue to check on prices for my customers when I can. It was a great experience overall that my daughter and I plan to do another trip in a few years.
Thank you,"
VKV, ITR Leisure Travel

"You are amazing!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I will pass these along…boy I wish we could get all our quotes so quickly and efficiently!!"
JR, Covington Travel

"Hi~  What great news after returning from a long weekend!
Thank you,
Barb, Grueninger Travel Service
Hi Barb, I have good news! Due to an error in a new portion of our booking program, your commission was not calculated correctly.
The error has been fixed for future bookings, and we adjusted your booking to reflect your higher commission amount.
Here is a revised confirmation showing your proper increased commission.
Enjoy your day,

"Hi Erin,
It’s not too often that we get a notice like this so just wanted to say THANK YOU!"
Hi Sherry, I have good news! Due to an error in a new portion of our booking program, your commission was not calculated correctly.
The error has been fixed for future bookings, and we adjusted your booking to reflect your higher commission amount.
Here is a revised confirmation showing your proper increased commission amount.
Since your commission check has already been sent out to you, we will send another check for the additional amount.
Enjoy your day,

"Dear Celia,
Often organizations hear more negative feedback, but I want to take a moment and say thank you! I recently had 3 ladies on a package I booked with NYCVP and they have had only fabulous remarks about their package! They loved the hotel, one of them is elderly and they were able to watch the Macy’s parade from their room. They loved the location, close to everything they wanted to do or needed (particularly being across the street from The Jersey Boy’s). And they loved the shows!
It has been a pleasure working with your company, from your agents to your follow up.
This is the first time I had booked NY (and has been years since I have been there) and can't thank you enough for making me look so good!
For anyone going to NY, I will only consider NYCVP!
MJ, Liquid Blue Travel

"Your the BEST, thank you... we love NYCVP !
JCN, Quest Travel
"I LOVE the way you sent the letter with the view option to see the sightseeing tours, etc.  Saved me loads of time!!"
Nancy Bowering Travel, LLC

"Thank you, Jim. Your agents are the best! We love working with your company as we know that we get the best service and knowledgeable agents who are always willing to help and follow up. You are the only ones that we go to for NY packages."
KY, All Seas Travel
"Hi Jim-
Thanks again for a job well done !!!! You guys are the BEST!!!"
KS, MTS TRAVEL ~ A Virtuoso Agency

"Thank you so much. I am very impressed with these vouchers and how fast you have been with all my questions. I will be booking with you in the future.
LS / Travel Consultant, Liberty Travel

"Thanks to you! This was the easiest New York booking I’ve ever made!"
SM, Marlin Travel, Canada

"I am a travel agent and I found you through a Google search while researching for a client. I have never used your site to book travel but I really like what I see. As a former resident of NYC you have some of the most comprehensive and flexible packages with some fantastic theater, sightseeing and dining options.
After looking at your site I am interested in using you to book a package for myself and my family (husband and daughter) for the future. Do you offer a travel agent discount and if so how much?
Thank you for your help and I look forward to working with you."
KD, Wanderlust Travel

"Again, thanks for all your help. Hoping to be able to do business again in the near future. You rocked."
KO, My Dream Vacation Travel

"Thank you Beth. I really appreciate the info.
This morning I spoke with a business client who said he doesn't normally like cities, (we're country folk down here in the south) but he thought NYC was so beautiful, he could understand why everyone wanted to live there. Nice compliment. I'm looking forward to seeing for myself. Thanks again for making NYC sales easy for us!!"
BG, Bee Gee Travel Consultants
"Good afternoon, Tara. I wanted to thank you for the check we received today for the amount of $2483.00. Please thank Pam for me as well. She is one of my favorite agents to work with, she’s always so professional and pleasant!
Not to mention she’s very efficient as well. Thank you, everyone at NYCVP! Sincerely,"
EL, Coast To Coast Transportation

"Appreciate you sending the tracking #. It's been a pleasure working with you! You made my job much easier! Have a great day!"
"Hi Erin,
Thank you so much for your help. These are new clients and you have been such a huge help in keeping them with us to book all their future travels. They love us and in turn we love NYCVP. We will continue to use NYCVP with ALL of our New York Packages. 
Gratefully yours"
TL and CW, Almost There Travel

"Hi Sylvia,
We had a GREAT time! The weather was great, the show-Lion King was super and we did go to the Empire State building after the show which was one of my highlights. It was around midnight when we were on top of it and the lights of New York are something to see at night. But the weather had changed and it was snowing, yes, I said snowing on the top!  I LOVED it. The Grey Line bus was well worth the money. We did  all the  loops including the night one. The hotel was very good too. The room was spacious for 5 people. THANK YOU for your help in putting this trip together for us-one we'll remember for a long time."
"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that the docs did indeed arrive this morning and are now in the hands of the clients.
I also want to tell you how really impressed I was by them. Lovely presentation and great values for the clients. You all were super easy to work with and I couldn't be more pleased.
I am going to send an e-mail to all the agents in our office recommending that you be the one-stop shopping for NYC. Thanks again for all your help. Best regards,"
LS, Ellington Travel, Ellington CT

"Hi Pam!
We just got home from our trip to Egypt, which is why we were in New York and took advantage of your city tour opportunity.  May I just tell you
that the tour was fantastic and quite a hit with all of our clients. Tony was ax exceptional guide and everyone felt like they really got a good overview of New York/Manhattan in a short amount of time. The only things they didn't see that they could recall, were the United Nations Building and Carnegie Hall. That's pretty good to have gotten everything else in that they wanted to do! They also commented that they SO enjoyed the music he provided for us, which were all songs of New York which we all enjoyed. He was also very accommodating to have made arrangements with me to meet up with him after our Kelly & Regis show opportunity.
Thank you all so much for doing this for us. You have always been such great providers for our clients. I am sure we will all continue to use NYCVP whenever we have clients coming to New York. Please let Tara know how much I appreciated her help and that she
accommodated our wishes and tended so well to our detail requests."

Jim, Time and time again you have always come thru for Jeff and myself, I have complete trust with you. Thanks"

"Hi Celia, Just wanted to let you know that the Grossmans had a wonderful time and all the plans worked out great! Thanks for your help! Sincerely,"
FC, CTC, AAA Northern New England

"Hello! We have used your company in the past and have been very happy with the results. Here is my question: We have a couple wanting a NYC vacation and one person is confined to a wheelchair. Do you have any tours that would accommodate him?"
MA,Cruise Holidays of Redding

"This is late...but I wanted to thank you again for all your help! You were absolutely wonderful in helping plan the Ries' New York trip! I recommend you to every agent I know!! Have a wonderful New Year!!!"
Geri, Value Travel, Edina MN

"Everything went perfect on Saturday. Thanks as usual!!!"

"Hi, I always have my clients write me a review of the trips I plan for them. I thought you would be interested in reading the review Mrs. Lightner wrote regarding the Thanksgiving parade package I booked through you. It is always helpful for an agency to use a supplier that makes us look good! Thank you."
Schwinntours, Bonita Springs FL

"Beth, Looking forward to receiving my commission soon. I wanted to let you know that my clients loved their vacation and the Edison hotel.. Perfect location and all the transportation worked out well..
Thanks for your help,"
"Hi Beth,
My client gave me terrific feedback on her package! I wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise! I look forward to working with you again soon,"
YS,Travel Specialist, The Travel Boutique

"Thank You. Thank You. My clients returned from their Vacation Package in New York you booked for me and said everything was perfect. Thanks for the good job. It makes me look good."
MM, Reward Travel, Tigard OR

"Hi Erin, Thanks so much for being on top of this for my client. I cannot say enough good things about the service the nyctrip customer services reps provide to their travel partners. It is a breath of fresh air! Thanks so much - regards,"
Angela, LBAC Travel, Ronkonkoma, NY

"I recently used you services to book a nice NYC hotel and theater package for some of my clients in August. They were very satisfied with your services and so was I... I thank you for your assistance and hope to continuing working with your company for future bookings. Sincerely,"
NN, Windward Travel/Tzell Travel Group

"Thank you so much for sending me so quickly the documents. Thanks to your efficiency and speed I can take them with me to Europe. Hope to do more business with you all in the near future."

"Jim, I'd like to thank you for your patience and helpfulness for this vacation. My clients were very satisfied and had a wonderful time. Everything went as planned. The hotels location was great, as were the theater seats. Thanks again for your support and cooperation. I will use your company the next time I have clients going to NYC.
Please send me any upcoming promotions. If you offer group packages, please let me know. Thank  you,"
TC, 365 Travel - a division of Dugans Travels

"Hi Celia,
My clients just returned from their trip to New York, staying at the Doubletree Metropolitan. They had a WONDERFUL time! I've had a very positive email from Mrs. Fairley this morning, and Mr. Fairley is our postal carrier, and he stopped by and talked to me for at least 10 minutes, just going on and on about how well things went, and what a good time they had.
They specifically said that everything that New York City Vacation Packages arranged for them went off without a hitch. Duane said that 'everywhere we handed someone one of those vouchers, we were treated like gold!' Here is the Midwest, we hear so many stories about how brusque and unfriendly New Yorkers are, and I think they were pleasantly surprised to find out that that wasn't the case!
Celia, I want to thank you for all your work on this package. I know we went back and forth on this for a few days, but after the first time I spoke with you, I had confidence that we were in good hands. You and NYCVP made me look good!
Thanks again,"
CH, Great Southern Tiger Travel

"Joel, I am so impressed by NYCVP! You treated me (and all of our NACTA group) as special guests to your wonderful city. I enjoyed it so much and I thank you for providing such a meaningful introduction to the Big Apple. Chris was really great – I sure wish every tour guide could muster that enthusiasm. He set the bar – please let him know.
I have recommended you to a NACTA colleague who didn’t attend the NYC function.... Hope the referrals come pouring in – you and your company deserve it!
Kindest Regards,"
TB, Trinity Travel
"Dear Joel, OMG! Terrific job! Thank you!!!! What a fabulous time I had on the NACTA New York City Fam!!!!! This was so well planned and every minute was enjoyable. This was so packed with activity and I loved everything you did. Between you and Chris, it made me feel like I best, move to New York, or, at the very least... come back real often. I live in a beautiful suburb, but it's sooooo quiet here. The hub-bub of N.Y., with so many possibilities of things to do, is mind blowing. This is for certain..........I'm sending all my clients through you to N.Y.
Oh yes, let's stay longer next time. By all means!
Again, many, many thanks! Loved it!
Best Regards,"
RG, Elegant Travel & Cruise, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Oh Erin, you’re a doll! I would recommend your services to ANYONE!! We have 12 branch office Travel Agencies to sing your praises to!"
LG, Bursch Travel

"Beth, I am really impressed. Thank you so much! I look forward to receiving the docs. And I am going to be pushing NY since this is "so easy" to quote and sell!"
MC, CI Travel, Virginia Beach VA

"Hi, I finally had time to meet with GR. We met for lunch and reviewed everything for their family cruise in June.
She told me all about the trip and just RAVED about everything and that everything was when and where it should be and said the Crown Plaza was a perfect location. She said the carriage ride and Lion King were the highlights..but the shopping!
Thanks for all your help and I received the commission check.
I look forward to another booking to send your way!"

"Hi Bethany,
Thank you so much for following up. I just recently moved from the corporate division to the leisure division at Wright Travel. The agent that was here before me told me about you. I really like the easy quotes and we have your brochures in the office. I am still waiting to hear back from the client I got the quote for so I hope to be booking something soon. I also have another client who called in yesterday and, because of the convenience of your web site, I was able to quote him a price in just a few minutes while he was still on the phone. I hope to be hearing back from him as well. You will definitely be getting my business in the future. Thanks so much!"
MF, Wright Travel, Leisure Travel Consultant

"Another GREAT job...thanks for trying the other date...WOW, you people go the extra mile....I'll be telling ALL my agents to use you for New York!!!"

"I want to tell you thank you again for all you do! It is so nice to work with suppliers that take good care of us and make us look like super stars! I really appreciate you!
Thank you again!"
MFC, cdk  

"Hi Erin: I can’t thank you enough for a great job on this trip for my clients. They are very special people and deserve a little happiness for this season... Thanks again for making this an easy booking for me."
JC, Rendevous-Elite LLC

"We sure have enjoyed getting to know your company this year. Your reservation staff is awesome! I’m sure we will continue to grow our sales with you over the years to come…especially after this dreadful recession goes away! Happy Holidays!"
LH, Bursch Travel

"Michelle, Thank you for the email. Yes, you will be hearing from us as well as some of our other agents that will be needing New York Packages in the new year. I always suggest our agents call you because all of you do excellent work. Our clients are always happy when they return because your product is very consistent... I look forward to sending your even more business in 2009."
LM, AAA East Tennessee

"Just had some clients return that I booked with your company that did the Thanksgiving package. They had a great time! Thanks,"
BS, AAA East Central
"Joby: Last weekend - 05 December - 07 December - two friends and I had a great time on our NYC Vacation Package. We stayed at the Doubletree Suites, did the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour, and saw the Rockettes - everything went as planned - no hitches anywhere! I have sent several clients prior and all went well with them, too. Your company is the one I think of first for New York City adventures. I would like to receive your 2009 brochures. Again, thanks for a quality product."
JG, Junction Travel

"I worked with Joby on a NYC trip in October and he was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I would use your company again in a heart beat! Thank you for contacting me."
MAS, ACC, Affiliate of L&M Travel

"thank you so all have been great to work with..."
Rose Anne, Aloha World Travel

"I will always think of you for my NYC trips – and I hope to have many more in the future.  My business is growing every day – and it’s people like you that help me give my clients the best service – and the best vacations in the world!!!"
JH, Burns World Travel

"Beth, Thanks so much for the follow up. I'm still waiting to hear back from them on what they want to do. I'll be in touch as soon as I do. Word around the office is what a great job you guys do on New York packages, just thought you might want to know. Thanks."
CL, CI Travel

"Bethany, I will definitely keep NYCVP at the top of my list for NYC wholesalers. I was impressed when I used you before for a booking & I'm even more impressed now."
"Hi Erin, Thanks for the invoice. You were a great agent. Will do business with you again and recommend to colleagues. Thanks,"
JSN, Altour

"Thanks Bethany for the follow up. Some of the agents here in the office have used you guys before, and they highly recommend you. I didn't realize how easy your website was to book all the needs of my clients. I will definitely be booking with you, if the client decides to go. Thanks."
BB, Travel Consultant
"Beth, This is an email of  'Thanks'. It was a pleasure talking with you and hope this will be the first of many clients that I can bring your way. Again, thank you so much for your assistance and patience with me over the last 24hrs. When I come to the BIG Apple, I will make sure that I come to see who this wonderful person is."

"Thanks Jim for all of your help!! ... you make my job so much easier!!
Donna, Christmas Travel

"Hi Lisa, The trip was fun.  Yes, everyone had a great time! Sex and the City Tour was a lot of fun. Thanks for your hard work! "
RD, Capitol City Travel

"Thanks so much Erin. The client is very pleased. Thanks for answering all my questions, and being so easy to work with. I have your email saved for future bookings. Thanks!"
Gina at the Travel Shoppe

"Thanks so much. This is the first time I used the Quick Quote. I am very impressed you followed up. I also called the 800# for another quote. Very user friendly."
CB, Supervisor, AAA Tidewater

"Hi, Joby! ...I am SO amazed at how easy this was and truly look forward to dealing with you on all of my NYC trips!"
SLF, Viagio Travel, LLC

"Hi Erin~
Thought I'd drop a quick note to let you know the Tutera family had a fabulous time in New York. They LOVED the seats to Wicked and Legally Blonde. Mrs. Tutera decided to forgo limos and take the subway and cabs. As she put it, "I'm really coming out of my box!" Very cool =). Hope all is well and will talk to you again. Thanks!"
SS, North Shore Travel


"Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much. Your company is the only one I use for NYC trips because you make it very easy. I appreciate all the help you have been to me – and I do hope to get more groups going soon!!!"
JH, Burns World Travel

"Hi...I really appreciate your email updates of what's current in New York City and how you can help me make suggestions and reservations for clients....keep up the good work!!"
 MB, Destination Specialist

"Hi Bethany – thank you for your email and follow up.  It was my first time using your Website and company. I did book directly over phone the NY Yankees package for My clients.  It was a very easy process both on website and w/reservationists. I will definitely use NYCVP in the future! Thank you"
CK AAA Travel

"Hi Bethany - How nice of you to respond so professionally - That is the kind of company I will be proud to trust my wonderful clients with...I did speak with them today and they are looking at different dates now... I will be back on the computer working this evening trying alternate dates.  Thank you for all the exciting information and I will anxiously look forward to planning my client's trip to your wonderful city....Kind regards,"   
Mary Lou, funfindertravel

"Hi Beth, This trip was a success. The girls had a wonderful time and everything was great. They highly recommend NYCVP. We did good and just wanted you to know. Thank You and Have a Great day,"

"Hi Jim!  Thanks for your help with this! Everyone in your company is so friendly!
LH, Bursch Travel General Manager

"From the service I am getting here it appears that I will keep NYCVP on my preferred list."
RSL/Go Galveston Travel

"Your customer service is supreme."
AD, My Travel at Midown


"Thank you for being so easy to work with--I love your site!!
TLC, International Sun Travel

"Hi Jim!  Thanks for your help with this!  Everyone in your company is so friendly!"  
LH, Bursch Travel

"Hi Beth, This trip was a success. The girls had a wonderful time and everything was great. They highly recommend NYCVP. We did good and just wanted you to know. Thank You and Have a Great day,"

"Hi Bethany,
Thanks for the wonderful service....You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Again, you are the queen of all NYC! I owe you big time!"
KF, Hughes Meetings & Incentives


"Hi Bethany - How nice of you to respond so professionally - That is the kind of company I will be proud to trust my wonderful clients with."
Mary Lo

"I find your booking engine to be very user friendly and appreciate your hard work in making it so. Thank you!"
GC, World Class Travel

"We enjoy working with your company and would appreciate if you could send us the brochures to assist us in serving our clients. Thank you!"
KA, Owner/manager Travel Escapes

"You are awesome!! Thanks so much for all your terrific cooperation!!...Thanks so much for working with me on are an excellent resource for a first-timer like me! And, I hope working with me is not too great a hassle for you!! "

"You are so kind... I am so excited to have found you to help with this."
CM, Provident Travel

"Thanks Beth. Both gals were very easy to work with and we just love your company."
TMW, CTC, V.I.P. World Travel

Thanks for your follow-up.  I and others here at Friendly Travel enjoy using NYCVP for New York City trips. You do such a good job of offering a good value and have access to things many travelers want....Being able to book it on line gives me the ability to give a fair quote so people have an idea what a trip will cost and what values they will receive."
SWJ, Friendly Travel Inc

"Thanks again! I will contact you again the next time the opportunity arises, as I think the extras you offer with the hotel are well worth a client's consideration. Sincerely,"
PB, Travel Concepts, Inc. Tampa, FL

"You have pleased all my clients with their trips. Have a good day."

"Pamela, Joyce Bates gave me your info. And says you’re the best in NYC!!  I have a favorite client that needs 1nt at the Essex House for Aug 31, 08. Reservations for dinner at Tavern on the Green, same night. I’m working airfare for them and they’ll need transfers but I’ll get back you.
Thank you,"
CG, CTA, Sun Connections Travel & Cruises, LLC

"Erin, Thank you and I am sure my client will contact me soon.  She is working with her husband’s boss to clear a day off for him. This is going to be a surprise and I told your space is limited and a holiday weekend. I am hoping she will book today or on Monday. So Thanks for the reminder and I hope to have more business when I get NYC calls. Thanks, you guys are so GREAT!!!!!
Best Regards,"
LW, Maupin Travel

"Greetings! Just wanted to inform you that the package I purchased for last weekend in NY for myself and my clients was absolutely wonderful!! Thank you so much."
TW, SunSational Travel Planners

"I am a home-based agent. I booked some clients (grandmother and grandchildren) with your company and the feedback was great. Their whole trip was a success thanks to you.
The theater seats for 2 shows were wonderful, hotel was great as well as the tour to Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty.
You made my job very easy. Thank you.
It has been awhile since I contacted you for reservations. I had a group of 34 pax that was supposed to be in NYC the Saturday after 9/11. Needless to say our trip was canceled. NYCVP refunded our money with grace and as promptly as they could considering the circumstances.
Thank you again for the great service."
TD,  Chicago, IL

"Bethany, Hi, thanks for contacting me. My client is not going to do this right now, but I think you have a great website for agents, and some great options so I will definitely use you again, as well as the rest of my agents here.
Julie, Brittain World Travel

"Thank you, Jim. NYCVP Excellent Service!!!! These client's are very important to me and I really appreciate the extra effort."
KT, Tri Valley Travel

"Greetings Erin! I just wanted to tell you that Mark and Haley Spencer had a marvelous time, and thanks to you for making it so great. This is why I use New York City Vacation Packages!"
 MH, Mega Travels

"Thanks----for setting me up---I got quotes from Celia a terrific lady and spoke to another charming res clerk. you have ONLY nice people working for you...I have been dealing with Keith Prowse for over 30 years. have been in the business for 35 years----own my own agency for the last 8 years--Im CLIA---Nest--(consortium/travelsavers) and Nacta....I am passing you along to others in the business--cause you deserve the business.......Will be hearing from me...."
PB, CTC--owner-president of Now Travel

"Hi Erin
They had a great time...they made it to all of the shows...Hairspray was their favorite!! The Park Central upgraded them to a suite due to overbooking and only charged them about $180.00 for the 4th night! Sounds like everything went really well. Thanks for all of your help along the way. Thanks again!"
SA, All About Travel/Carlson Wagon Lit


"We have been using NEW YORK CITY VACATIONS for several years. We have found them great to work with. They go out of their way to be sure that we their customer is well satisfied. There have been times that they have found things for us that were nearly impossible to get. If all our vendors did as well as New York City Vacations it would make life much easier. They would make a great preferred supplier for New York City."
MK, Travel Agent, Fredericksburg VA

"Having just returned from their New York City Vacation, the two couples just couldn't talk enough about how well the trip went and the wonderful job NYC Vacations did in setting up and fulfilling all their requests. Therefore, some wonderful and fond memories will always be shared. I would personally like to extend my thanks to Jim and to Susan for their job assisting me, along with others who helped along the way. I will not hesitate to use NYCVP time and again."
DL, Travel Agent, Colorado

"Bethany, Thank you for your email. I already have booked; I called and spoke with Pamela who proved most helpful and efficient. I have booked my clients at the W-A in a 1-bedrm suite with premium tickets to Lion KingI know now my first choice for NYC.
Kindest regards,"
RM, Travel Experts

"I will definitely keep you in mind when booking packages to NYC - I think the product you have to offer is fantastic....and I truly appreciate the follow-up email. It shows me that you are offering a respectful quality of service."
S, Maritime Travel
"Thank you for the follow up. I loved your web-site and booking engine. It's by far the easiest, fastest and most efficient I've used. It saved me so much time obtaining the quote for my client and you offer absolutely everything she wants. When she told me she wanted to see the Rockettes and tour NBC Studios, I said sure no problem, smiling on the outside while thinking how the heck am I going to pull this off. NYCVP! You also helped me come in well within her budget and I was able to upgrade to the Crown Plaza. It is a very nice hotel in a great location. I had the pleasure of staying at the Crown Plaza several years ago."

"Just wanted you to know that my clients have returned from their trip to the APPLE. They had a wonderful time and your directions to me regarding their safety and yet getting their first look at NY was great. You and NYCVP are at the top of my sell list for this fall"

Flawless!!!!! The trip went so well. Many, many, thanks to you!!!!! Transfers were all on time with very cordial drivers. Hotel was a great location, accommodations very nice, and everyone got 2 double beds. They handled the group extremely well. Lunch at Tavern was wonderful and we even were in the Crystal Room. Theater tickets were good seats. It was just all so easy thanks to you and your hard work. At our weekly meeting, I went over with all of our leisure department how important it is to work with NYCVP rather than try to piece it together separately. Have a great holiday season! Smiles from a VERY satisfied client!!!"
PJ, All Seasons Travel

"Hey, Lisa.
Ted came by to pick up his documents yesterday and was very pleased with what you had put together for him. Many thanks for also making us look good! Warm regards."
SB, Sterling Brownell Travel, Richmond VA

"Joby, this is to give a good report by the Hancocks, Union City, TN. They were overjoyed and amazed at how smoothly the itinerary flowed, and it SNOWED!!!! They said Central Park looked like a 'Currier & Ives' Christmas Card.. Thanks again for your assistance...another satisfied client."
FGS, ACC/Owner, Cruise & Tours, Martin TN

Good Morning Michelle,
I just got an email from Mrs. Roberts and they had a fantastic time on their trip. They had 2 bathrooms at the Waldorf and a lovely suite. They are singing our praises and I wanted to thank you for all your help in arranging this for them and for me. Thank you for calling the Waldorf to make sure they had the 2bedroom/2bathroom suite. Have a great day and I appreciate all your fantastic help. Her comments were:
Tony, our trip was every way. The Waldorf is truly an experience in itself.....lovely suite (2 bedrm, foyer, big living rm.....AND 2 baths......:) :) Two baths were a must.....and so appreciate your fighting for that for us.
Waldorf service was superb.....every detail. Beautiful hotel.....
Limo service excellent....met us at airpt....and at Waldorf....right on time.....
Play was probably the highlight of our trip......(or a close second to the shopping. :) ) Seats were perfect. Many thanks for all that you did to make this dream come true for us. Annette'

Take care Michelle and hopefully I will be calling you again soon to do some more business."
T, Travel Associates Inc, Salisbury NC

"My clients ... were excited by all the complimentary inclusions."
LJ, Westerville OH

"She had an absolutely wonderful time! Thanks for everything."
CC, Owner/Agent, Battlefield Travel

"Thank you, Bethany... That's the reason I LOVE working with NYCVP -- you stand behind your product and are always so courteous & friendly."
BG, Bee Gee Travel Consultants

"First of all....the trip was great!!!!!   No complaints of any kind.  Thanks so much for asking for a upgrade for me...I was upgraded to a suite...a pleasant surprise. I would like to check into rates for the same week next year...12/4 - 3 nts...would prefer the Edison but I'm open...the price is what matters. Same inclusions...breakfast and bags. Thanks again for everything."
JH, Manager

 ...I have bragged on you; you are always so good to work with."
JK, Director of Ministry Travel Services

The Lawrences called me today to report that they had a wonderful time in New York City. They loved the hotel as it was so close to everything they wanted to do. Thanks so much."
SE, Bluebonnet Tours and Travel
 Thanks so much.  They had a wonderful trip...The brunch was fantastic and she said they were on national t.v. twice."
TG, All Travel Service

"This is to let you know that my clients had a wonderful time in New York for the Thanksgiving Holiday. All of the arrangements worked out perfectly. The liked the WARWICK.  Enjoyed watching the parade from Applebee's. They would take the trip over again.  Now, I want to go next year!!!"
BF, Carlson Wagon Lit/Elite Travel
"Thank you for your reminder email Bethany. I'm excited to use your site and have found it extremely helpful in helping my client plan for her trip."
BG, Progressive Travel

"Dear Sandy,
This is in reference to my clients. I just wanted to let you know they had a wonderful time. This is the 2nd time I've used NYCVP and both times you guys have been great! You are easy to work with -- you know your product and sell it well. So THANK YOU!"
SF, Iowa City IA

"Sold your package and very pleased thanks.”
KS, l. tours

"Good afternoon, Beth
I booked through your site in May and my client's had a fantastic time in New York. They had such a good time that they would like to take friends and family along."
S, Executive Tour and Travel

Arrived home about 12:30 P.M. today. The trip was wonderful. Everything went as planned and my guest were truly impressed. I will be trying to sell this or similar as people ask about coming to New York to see the play. Thanks a bunch. P.S. Let me know if the hotels run weekend specials or something and perhaps we can see another part of New York. Thanks again."
BF, Accent Travel, Baton Rouge LA 

Tara and I had a WONDERFUL time in New York. Even the weather was warm and sunny.
We will have to go back because we still have a few museums and galleries to do, and many stores to revisit. Tara loved having a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's and got some great things... we really appreciated all of your help. The packet of vouchers was waiting for us at the hotel and they gave us a room on a higher floor as requested. It couldn't have been better. The seats you arranged for the theatre were excellent, both on shows that were otherwise sold out. Thank you again for making this a trip to remember. All the best."
BW, Caledon ON

I do want you to know your web-site is VERY user friendly, and easy to navigate. A lot of times we get 'shoppers' who are just looking to see if their vacation idea is within their budget. With your web-site, it's easy to give them a quick answer!! Thanks so much!"
AH, Rome GA

"I'm a travel agent with Bee Gee Travel in Douglas, Georgia. I am writing to tell you how very impressed I have been with Celia and the great job she has done for my customers and me. I called NYCVP with limited information, having started with a small student group, 3 adults and 5 teens ... 'maybe.' She patiently assisted me through all scenarios and then booked two hotel rooms for the remaining people who could actually make up their mind and come forward with payments. She has added extras, i.e., dinner, breakfast, tours, (which made us BOTH look good to the passengers). Celia has simply gone above and beyond in helping me to get my customers the very best trip possible, and with very short notice. She has been most gracious, witty and over all - very knowledgeable and SO helpful! I have thanked Celia for her patience and assistance, but I felt her supervisor should know what a great job she has done for us. Thanks to everyone at NYCVP - you ALL make our jobs SO-O-O much easier!"
BG, Douglas GA  

"Beth, Yesterday I contacted the client about her trip to NYC. She said the accommodations, tours, and most important the tickets for Wicked, that everything was just perfect! I just wanted you to know it was a pleasure to work with you."

"Hi Bethany, Just wanted you to know I really appreciate you all taking care of my clients, the Klemme Party VP20936. They really enjoyed NY and the package that you provided for them. They especially enjoyed the Gray Line Tour bus as well as the Night Tour. Again thank you."
Sheri, Durango CO

"Hi, Bethany! Thank you for your email. That was my first experience on your site and I loved it!! I will be utilizing it more frequently!"
JoAnn, AAA Travel

"Hi Bethany, Thanks you for your nice email. I was so pleased to see how easy your website was to use."
Karen, Outta Here Travel

"Hi Beth, just wanted to let you know I just returned from my trip to NY and all the arrangements were great... We used our extra shopping coupons and Empire state building ones as well. As an agent, I love your packet with all tickets and vouchers included, I see some of the other companies that don't make reservations for dinner or just give vouchers not tickets for shows, and yours is the best. Thanks again, good job."
LW, Cruise Holidays Redding CA

"Dear Bethany, Thanks for the follow up. I'm impressed!"
SG, Travel Agent

"Hi Debbie, thanks for following up on my inquiry. I am a travel agent in northwest Arkansas and know nothing about NYC, but have a client interested in coming in September...I was very impressed with the website and all the options available. The package options were great. Thanks again."

"[My clients] had a wonderful time! Everything was perfect -- they enjoyed themselves so much they wished they'd planned for a longer stay! Their walking tour of Lower Manhattan was on 11 Sep -- it was moving! Thanks for all your help!"
Barb (travel agent), Arcata CA

"Debbie, thanks so much for your follow-up; it's nice to see customer service for travel agents -- it's so few and far between these days!"
Pat, Denver CO

"The Novatel was perfect.  I could highly recommend this hotel. The staff was personable and the rooms clean.  the hotel felt very safe. The location was wonderful...
I do appreciate the refund for the unused van. It was good we only had 10 passengers, not 12.
The coupons for the tours were well used. Everyone loved NYC. I will use your program in the future!"
JB, ACC, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

"As a former travel agent, I've used your company many times to make New York reservations - you are by far the most pleasant and helpful company to work with and our clients were always so pleased with their trips to New York."

"I just wanted to let you know that the report back from the Watertown high school group's leaders was that it was a highlight of their trip! Thank you again for the excellent job you did in helping me arrange the Top of The Rock Tour. I will definitely keep your address on file and work with again in the future! Have a great day Tara!"
LH, Tour Coordinator

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